Historia BUSMAN

In 2011, two brothers decided to join the manufacturing industry in Mexico, but it was not until 2012 when BUSMAN was created when the first purchase of a manufacturing machine was made and thus be able to start operations.

BUSMAN's main objective is to develop tooling in Mexico based on offering excellent quality and competitive prices for any industry.

During three years of developing skills and continuous learning, in 2015 BUSMAN decided to open a portfolio of services for the industry in the Bajío area following its main objective.

Over time BUSMAN decided to create a new group and in 2018 starts the fourth industrial revolution focused in develop solutions and services. BUSMAN make one more scale and in 2019 added the plastic injection division (PI) where it continues to produce and develop high quality and added value products.

BUSMAN continues in the development of products and services and discovering the international market.

BUSMAN is a 100% Mexican company, our mission is to provide integration services focused on delivering high-quality products, understanding and satisfying the needs of the industry.

The basis for our development is in innovation and creativity, for that we have the most advanced technology to meet the most demanding requirements and secure the satisfaction of our customers.

BUSMAN has a vision to be an engineer and technology services leader by winning with excellence, quality and honesty. Our team is focused on providing superior service and is made up of socially responsible people.